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Z Blower spacer


Rear-attachment leaf and debris blower
  • Attaches to your existing zero-turn mower
  • Features an easy on and off mounting system
  • Compatible with most riding mowers
  • Remote throttle control
  • High Output Blower
*Patented Design*


Model # Engine HP Engine Type Fuel Capacity Oil Capacity Unit Weight
LSHZ-9ROBN 9 HP (6.6 kW) Robin 6.4 qu (6.1 L) 1.06 qt (1.0L) 145 lb (65.8 kg)
LSHZ-9HNDA 9 HP (6.0 kW) Honda 6.4 qu (6.1 L) 1.06 qt (1.0L) 145 lb (65.8 kg)


Owner's Manual
High Output Blower Classic Blower Tow Behind Blower